Industrial Services

Industrial Sandblasting

Sandblasting exposed steel beams
Sandblasting Exposed Steel Beams before painting.

Blasting Services

  • Pipeline coating and lining
  • Heavy equipment
  • Process equipment
  • Structural steel
  • Tank coating and lining
  • Pump coating and lining
  • Specialized equipment restoration
  • Miscellaneous applications

Blast Cleaning

Sandblasting or blasting removes paint, rust, and scale from many different surfaces. This procedure also prepares different types of items for paint adhesion. Different sizes of blasting media (sand, glass beads, aluminum oxide, etc.) allows N. Chasen and Son to customize the process to achieve the perfect results for all specifications.

Remove rust, corrosion, and old paint

Sandblasting is a term for the process of cleaning, shaping, and smoothing hard surfaces by pressuring solid particles across the surface at high speeds. Sandblasting or abrasive blasting removes rust, corrosion, coatings, paint, heat treatment discoloration, or other visible defects.

Abrasive blasting metal supports
Abrasive blasting metal supports

Highest quality service and products

N. Chasen and Son offers the highest quality service and products in the blast cleaning and coatings field. You deliver the job to us and we will handle all aspects of blasting and coating. We aim to establish a lasting relationship with our customers by exceeding their expectations and providing quality workmanship in a safe work environment.

N. Chasen & Son works with our customers to specify the best blasting and coating system for the application and environment. We have extensive experience working to high quality specifications and are constantly striving to provide the best possible service to our customers.

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