It’s mighty good to be able to do business with N. Chasen!

March 01, 2010

Our relationship with Chasen began close to 40 years ago, Peggy and I feel sure. We’ve been at this address 35 years, this year — an address Chasen knows well. But Mr. Creasy first visited us on Leonard Parkway, where we moved from our Gilmour Court apartment — our first home. But enough of ancient history!

Of course, we’ve just had you all here for some important and much needed downstairs painting. Lennie Struder couldn’t have been more helpful with the scheduling and preparation. And he was willing to work with us when we said we’d especially like to have Anthony Pulliam with us again. His work is mighty close to perfection. And there’s a touch of the artist, as well. Anthony Pulliam is that good. We liked his assistant, Omar Lopez, too. Both paid careful attention to details. And things were left just as they found them — except for bright, beautiful, freshly painted walls and woodwork!

Would you please pass along Peggy and Hill Brown’s great appreciation? Again it’s mighty good to be able to do business with N. Chasen!

N. Chasen & Son, Inc. - 5 stars