Courteous, Thoughtful, and Tidy!

August 06, 2011


You were helpful and informative when you came out, but we loved that Burt! He was on time daily and I think we saw Burt and your crew out for 10 days, I believe. He was courteous – he kept a “wee ashtray” for his cigarette butts. he also put new bulbs in our security lights (thank You Burt!). He answered all our questions and let us know which areas of the house to watch, he was thoughtful and tidy! He had to get along with our neighbor as well – so kudos to Burt! It was our pleasure to see him daily. You sent the right guy out Jeff, thanks! Also, thanks for your patience with my color choice dilemma. Susan has also been awesome.

N. Chasen & Son, Inc. - 5 stars